Too Much to Say
2004-06-30 16:07:32 (UTC)

so confused

i don't know what to do about this boy. the chemistry
between us is soooo strong, i can't handle it. everytime i
see him i just want to jump him. it's so electric! but
i'm afraid that's all it is...chemistry. it's very romeo
and juliet. we're both kind of fools for love, so we're
sincere about our feelings and intentions. but we've only
known each other a couple weeks, and yet our passion for
each other is OOC.

i just don't know what to do. do i want to give this
significant part of myself to him? and if so, do i want to
give it to him so soon. what i feel for him when we're
together is so powerful, like i've loved him all my life.
but i haven't...and i don't. it's just that in that moment
when you feel like that, only one thing makes sense.

...why do girls ALWAYS have to be the strong ones.

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