u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-06-30 15:42:00 (UTC)

summer so far...&the boy

well last weekend up north was sooo fun, we went to the
lake, we went go-karting, and mini-golfing in the rain and
watched movies all weekend soo much fun. then i got my
report card and my dad went ripshit and i have to go to
summer school, and im grounded again, and this time it
really sucks cuz i wont b able to c paul on our 6 month.
things with me and him feel kinda we dont have
anyhting to talk about anymore...and i feel like he dosent
wanna talk to me...i was thinking the other night and im
like well...what if we broke up? and then i really
seriously thought about it and i was liek no, theres no
way i would b able to handle it, i thought of all the
nights when i couldnt sleep and id hug my pillow and think
of him and how he makes me feel and ahh i couldnt do it. i
jus duno.....i fhes feelin like it isnt workin anymore i
wish hed say sumthin to me but if he dosent i wish
he'd....i dont even no jus tell me SOMETHING so im not
clueless on what to do. i love him way too much. i jus
wonder if his feelings have changed

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