Hokwan dish~
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2004-06-30 15:08:15 (UTC)

I'm a smart girl today!

Today, my daddy wake me up at half past ten. And he asked
me to hurry up to go to the swimming pool and then... i
tidy myself only by five minutes!

I told him that if we arrived the swimming pool, it time
to close! He ignored me!!! Stupid! And he even forget that
my painful tooth!!! Asked me to eat bread!!! Crazy guy!

On the way, walk so fast and just drink some 維他奶,
then ... arrive at swiming pool, and then swim, swim, swim!
Fourty five minutes, swim much more than yet! But, I'm
smarter then yet! I do such a lot of things today, and
mummy didn't do any house work today, she just wash一隻鍋、倒
jor D 水落個電子煲、wash jor dinner D 送、洗jor個煲、洗左D米
that's all! Seems to be very much, but it is just a easy
job! I help her to do nearly all the things! Anyway, I feel
happy because i can help her to do so many house work and
then make her to feel more comfortable! Hope mummy can feel
happy today!

Daddy? Huh... he is a stupid guy! I'm angrying him! He
don't care and remember my things all the time. But, he
care my sister more than me!!! Stupid guy!

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