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2004-06-29 23:28:17 (UTC)

droppin ~*

well 2day was very shocking 4 me as for the things that
have been goin on w/ me,my close friends & life..well to
start out i jus talked 2 my friend audrey & she hung out w/
jay yesterday (my ex) shes going out w/ jays best friend &
his friend told her that i cheated on jay...whoa hold on
stop right there...ok y would i cheat on jay? u tell me
that,thats all bs..i wish jay would jus be honest w/ me &
really tell me whats wrong?i dont want to hear this from
other ppl. u no?i dunno wut 2 do cuz i still care 4 the
kid..but thats 1 of my problemz,i have julian...he wrote me
2day & he told me he loves me & he said were growing
farther apart & that he duznt want that,that hurts that he
feelz that way,it really duz! i want to help but i cant,i
really cant...& if it wasnt 4 lessa i would have jus gave
up on julian,but she believes in me,thanx lessa! goin on,im
tryin 2 help my other friends situation,shes goin thorough
sum thingz that we need 2 figure out & we will!...goin on
tahoe,i like this guy he works up the street from me & hes
17 tall & hes beutiful lol,but were both leavin outa tahoe
in 2 months...but well see,he has a great personality & i
love that in a person..=) lol...1 of my best friends is in
town as well,ive known her since,ugh forever...goin 2 c her
2day,wahoo lol!ill be bak in vegas sumtime in august but i
miss all u guyz!