Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-06-29 19:59:17 (UTC)

excisored lamentations

....my life, as it is, cliched, it seems as tho i have no
emotional centre with which to overcome the passing of time,
rippled by design, and currupted beyond the veil’s of my own
making, i seem to be erupting from the abyss of my gilded
cage only to come crashing into another one, trapped, as
ever i was and by my hands alone, i can see why it is that i
have become the person I am, and wonder when the hell i can
ever get out of it, without scarring myself and those around
me, the vast tracks of ruin i seem to have embarked up a
rather difficult path.. and left a scorched earth behind me
but the paths are dimly lit, and my vision clouded by the
pains of the past, the sins never repented nor indulged
beyond the periphery....

i have an effect on people, i change them, through my
actions, thoughts, deeds.. it’s an environmental effect, it
happens to everyone around me.. in a long enough time span,
people are fundementally changed beyond that which they
comprehend... i wonder, who of you i’ve affected? Everyone
has some story to tell, about me.. i wonder what yours are..

it may sound, pretentious, arrogant, vain.. but it happens
to be a fact.. i know this.. because I see it..

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