hello willa.je cherche ma vie
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2004-06-29 15:15:28 (UTC)

June 21th---The Excitment Has Been Killed---a crappy day

The excitement of being back home has fully gone, I
thought there would be lots of parties and chicks here and
there. But actually, they are all in testing. I have
nothing to do except for staying at home. I called Dennis
soon as I got home, but he said he has been busying in
planning a trip for a long time, wouldn’t be free until
July 10th.

The weather is so hot, almost 34 C in day time and
depressed…always sweaty all day. The sun deadly burns, you
are just not able to go out until the evening. And that is
why GZ has crazy night life.

And cuz of the hot whether, anywhere could be heaven for
mosquitoes, I have to have several daily battles against
the nasty damn mosquitoes, I should have been able to use
the electronic mosquito killer. But no more available
battery when it mattered most! And the market is damn far
away from my house.. So my hands became the most useful
and powerful weapon at the moment. PA PA PA, I slapped the
little evil mosquitoes with great fun( oh did I?)

However, boredom beat the heat. I finally hanged out with
a pal to the computer market and was gonna buy a phone
card so that I can call Harmony at home.

Sigh… really I started to be scared by the price in GZ as
I had got use to the jinan level. I found myself so poorly
penniless. When we hit a restaurant in the downtown, I was
like, shall we go to another one? It is A LTTTLE BIT( such
a big liar) expensive here.

On my way home, I sew GZ is under construction now,
traffic dies everywhere, it will be pain in the ass when
you take a cab.. The time clock and the distance clock
work together in the same time when traffic jam happens.
What was worse, I have already told Harmony how beautiful
GZ is, but if she comes here now. she might think I am the
biggest liar she had ever seen…

I tried my new speakers soon as I got home. Whoa! Great!
Just 130 RMB, holy fucking nice and worth the price! Even
much more than it! Bass Bass I love the Bass~
But when I tried to use yahoo msger and MSN for voice
chat, holy grandmotherfuckers!! The fucking firewall
blocks the connection. That means I cant use voice chat
with my sweetie! Fuck! Never mind, I have my IP telephone
card. Ok, when I used my new IP telephone card to call her
in the evening, sigh. What the hell wrong with ma vie? It
died every 3 mins. Totally messed up, including my mood. I
had to say “Hello? Hello? Hello?” repeatly! I felt I have
said so many things, but actually I said nothing
meaningful. Hah hah, maybe just cuz I kicked China
mobile’s ass all the time, its time for paying back babe..

Hee hee, anyway, so so nice to hear Harmony’s sweet voice.