hello willa.je cherche ma vie
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2004-06-29 15:01:04 (UTC)

June 19th----Escape from Jinan---GZ im coming there

DengHui and her sister came over in the morning, I had to
give them the key soon. It felt like the time in 1997, in
HongKong, the British government gave back the
jurisdiction to Chinese government. Hee hee, holy naive
and full of imagination.

Elex’s daughter is suppose to arrive in jinan at 6pm. But
my flight is at 5pm!holy asssticker! Ok, Elex would be
happy now, cuz her daughter wouldn’t be dangerous since I
won’t be here.. But…. Don’t forget.. there is still a
Jerel here. Hee hee, things won’t be better…

I didn’t feel like cutting my hair really, but I could
anticipate what would happen if I just go back like this.
But what the fuck! How the hell did they work! They made
my hair too fucking short! People in GZ would look on me
as a hick from the countryside.! How the hell can I go
back… sigh. This is life. No suffer no happiness

7pm, I landed on GZ BaiYun international airport. Hurral!
GZ I am back! I am coming to kick you guys’ asses!

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