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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-28 22:24:23 (UTC)

Lights, camera, action!

Class really picked up today, our first day of filming,
as I expected it would. Everyone bonded, it seemed - except
for Chelsea, who was off great splendoring (inside joke),
which sucked because I had to act out her part in my own
film. I am now the writer, directer, producer, costume
designer (sort of), now actress, and pretty much every-
fucking-thing else....but then again, I guess that's how it
goes making indie films. We didn't get to finish filming
mine, we spent all day doing Brooks's, and I have to say it
turned out pretty great. We have a hell of a lot of
bloopers footage though. I kept screwing up, laughing
mostly. I had the giggles, and was on a coke high, plus it
was early. I think it's gonna turn out pretty well. One
thing though, I'd really like to get to know Max a little
more. Not my sanity Max, the Max from my class. He seems
really really cool, and he plays guitar (I am always
attracted to guitar players, no matter what)and is a
Morrison fan, so he must be cool. But he's so quietish and
shy, and no one other than Ryan has been able to really
bond with him. I'm just kind of out there with everyone,
and they got to see my true side when I was practically
shooting coke from my nose and rolling around on the carpet
laughing my guts out.
All in all, I think, it's going to be great. I'm really
very pleased with the progress we made today. I can't wait
to finish my film tomorrow. But fuck, I left my guitar in
the back of the cleaning crew's suv (they had to pick me up
because my mom's car got stuck in a ditch...) so someone is
going to have to bring it to me tomorrow. I hate when I'm
absentminded like that. But I forgot because I was so mad
at my dad. He was yelling in my face, and I don't know why.
I don't really think he does either. He just started
yelling, I had spit on my face from his mouth. I ran
outside and just screamed my face red. Dammit! Why does he
think he's the only one who's house was burned? We fucking
live there too! We're all stressed out just like he is, and
we were all scared that night just like he was. He is no
more special than any of us. Why should we have to give him
the special treatment? Bull shit.

I have to cut this short right now. I know I'm doing a lot
of that but my schedule is crazy right now. I'll come back
later on tonight if they let me and finish this up. I have
lots of journaling to do.

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