Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2004-06-28 15:29:59 (UTC)

sorry its been a while

ok been a while i am still boring and i am flat out at work

today as usual was another day at work and it was busy
which isn't unusual seeing as it has been ever since we
got the new owners

nothing on tv just damn big brother and the tennis at
least hewitt is winng and i can saty up and watch it all
night cos unlike many i have tomorrow off

and i know that this time next week i will be on my weeks
holiday that means i will have nothing bothering me free
as a bird i wonder what its gunna be like seeing all the

i want to find a black tank top just for visual effects
when i visit grandma see if she care that i have a tattoo
i think mum would kill me if i was no show her mum wants
all art work and all metal taken out when i visit so i
better follow orders

i found out that i will be killing two birds with one
stone when i visit swanhill too because holly is goin to
be visitin ebony while i am there but i have been told no
drinkin so i might just leave that till i get to melbourne

it will be good to see people that i haven't seen in a
while though

found out today that i will have to be workin over
christmas we had a bus booked in and it cancelled then
straight after that we had another book in but it don't
matter because lewis family christmas is in hamilton so i
won't have to many worries about gettin drunk i will just
have to slow down a little bit before work

i think i have been entered in the family tennis comp not
that i have a chance in hell of doin any good with ma and
my flamboyant style of smashing the shit out of everything

no one is online that makes life boring hey people be
online when i am it would be so cool to be able to chat

anyways might try to fall asleep watchin the tennis

i know that i won't be able to do anything tomorrow
because we are babysittin caleb ambers son great kid just
get this feeling that he will be a little soft as he gets
older amber mothers him a bit i would love to be able to
show him how to toughen up

ok big news today i am quittin smoking finally and mark
and maree have told me if i go six months that they will
give me $100 so it might be worth the go so patches and
inhaler for me on wednesday

no other news i think

drug vitamin c and no nicotine
music HIM the sacrement

oh yeah joc get ready for a deluge of music because i am
in the mood to listen to good stuff when i am drivin

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