The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-28 15:25:02 (UTC)

6.28.04 The Remot

Tha Rod and I started the July Remotivation today, and to
be honest, I have no idea how this is going to work out...

yesterday, we had a discussion about the difficulties of
your everday was such a truthful talk, my
spirit really needed it. like an alcoholic, i thought i was
alone...but I'm not. we've decided to help eachother out.
to be honest, right now, im a little scared of this
entire thing failing. I mean, sin is literally all around
me....I'm a big sinnger myself....I know that all things
are possible with God....but this is gonna take a serious
lifestyle change, and all the things that I previously
idolized are gonna have to be no more. I'm motivated, and I
know that I should stop looking at the negative and focus
on how im gonna make it let me put my words to
actions and do that.. this entry is over. It is going to
work, and thats as simple as that. God will make a way.