2004-06-28 03:35:03 (UTC)

The End

Guess I'm feeling disappointed, disallusioned maybe. Did
I expect to get hurt, ya, but did I expect it to get
boring, no?

I feel like the ending was weak. Like it came in with a
tense hestation, got hot, and then went out with a snub
and a snore. I know I made myself abundantly clear and I
don't think I should have to woory about the whole "did I
say enough, did I let her know" stuff if she is the one
I'm really connected to. She is either in deep denial, or
I am really not in her heart.

Oh well. I'm sad. I'm going to miss her terribly,
again. I'm going to wonder. I'm going to feel so lost
for a good period of time. I'm going to get money and
move to China and forget this life ever happened and start