hello willa.je cherche ma vie
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2004-06-28 02:41:43 (UTC)

June 15th.Boring days after harmony left

Finally, those fucking tests just had one left.!!! What a
fucking happiness!! And the last test is FoxPro. So damn
useless and awful.

Without the testing force, I lost in life. The outcome of
my fainéant life was…. Never miss any possibilities to
hang out or chat with people.. heh heh poor Elex was the
first victim.. kah kah.. I went upstairs to talk to her…
hurral. Haven’t been speaking British English for really
long long time~~

Our cat JinJin. She acts strange these days. Maybe she
misses her mom and her dad… (me) is not really enough for
her. So what can she do.. sleeps all day long. Honestly I
don’t care about that JinJin ignored me in day time. Just
please, don’t bother me in the early morning dude!
Normally I go to hang around in pub and get back late!
Sleep is what I really need at that moment! Just let me
sleep! Or I don’t feed u dude! Oh…shitman… if I do that,
surely harmony will kill me.. sigh.. cat and woman..

Sean was strange, he seldom come over after I moved in
harny’s. but these days, he always does it in the
evening. Somehow scared me a little bit. What did he want?
As he said, just for JinJin. Hey dude, I could see that
you are bored too. Joe is out. You have no one to talk to
man! heh heh! how smart I am. No wonder why people call me
[King Of Everything]. Obviously, I do think so! D’accord

Sent several msgs with harmony, she is in BeiJing now with
her family. Miss her a lot, hope she is having fun.

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