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2004-06-28 02:37:41 (UTC)

6.27.04 Why the heck am I crying?

I dont think I have ever been as exhausted as I was
today than at any other time in my life. Whew, I start off
the day by not attending church cause I woke up too late.
IN a last minute effort to get there, I contact my boy Tha
E-Man and ask him if he wanted to go to the church by my
house, Living Springs...he wouldnt pick up.
SO i took time out and did my own devotional thing
between me and Jesus, and learned quite a lot thru reading
like a fairl large portion of Matthew...everything in the
Bible seems to apply directly to life, doesnt it?
haha and then for some reason I start watching 8 Mile cause
im in the mood for something quite
emasculating happened. I watched the last, say, half hour
of the film only...and I cried bogusly...i really couldnt
control it. He was in the flowing battle with Clarence or
Papa Doc or whatever, and he was talkin about how he was
white trash...and i just erupted. It wasnt even like a
gradual thing, I just started crying buckets at this one
line...I wasn't straight until the middle of the credits.
They say emotion comes out in different ways for different
people. Maybe that was all pinned up emotions from the past
few weeks...but why 8-Mile? I dunno if Em and the director
meant for cats to be crying during it...but when you think
about like how bogus it was of those black cats in detroit,
it's just like real messed up. It was emotional, man.
What else happened? Oh....I poured a glass of Dr.
Pepper into a glass ALL the way to th top, and something
incredible happened...every single bit of pop evaporated
when it fizzed...i was like WHAT!...there was nothing left
in the glass, it was just moist. I have never seen anything
like that before. But as I speak, I'm exhausted, cause I
didnt get much sleep last night....I'm outie....