hello willa.je cherche ma vie
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2004-06-28 01:41:51 (UTC)

June 13th.Harmony left for BeiJing

I just woke up very early this morning. Harmony was gonna
leave for BeiJing soon. why did I wanna wake up early but
not get up? Cuz I didn’t want that situation happen, like,
when I wake up and find Harmony has already left or just
several mins left before she goes .i wanna have a final
intimacy, hold her in my arms with an awake head, kiss her
back of neck, lick her lovely aromatic hair. touch her
boobs, belly, hips and legs, daut her skin with little
soft hair all over her body. I knew, its not gonna happen
at least in a short time. A month more, is it a long
period or just a flash of time? It depends, on your mood.
On how you spend your time. It can be both long and short
for me. Cuz I really have no clue about whats going on
after I come back to GZ. What I know right now is just
that I wanna get close to the woman I deeply love.

When she was in my arms, I was thinking whether I was
feeling sad. Aye, I was. I can, but just shouldn’t. cuz
there is no reason for me to be sad. She loves me, as the
truth is. Besides, I am terribly sure about my love
towards her. So why would I feel sad? We are still gonna
meet in a month, aren’t we? And im gonna have my own time
to get some stuff that I wanna do to be done. After all
the questions had been sorted out, happiness came after as
she was in my arms now.

The time for her to leave finally came, I just walked
along with her to the campus gate. Just the campus gate!
Hee hee how great and determined I was. I thought I would
totally fuck up and crazily go to the station. Somehow I
controlled myself babe. After she threw all her stuff into
the cab. We cuddled for a long time. My hands were on her
back, dauting all over it. With the realization of time, I
gave her 4 deep kisses as a good bye.. But when she was
about to get on the cab, love drove me be out of control,
I pulled her back and hugged her again…

I tried my best to be as cool as possible. I meant it and
did. That is who I am, though I know what she needs and
what she wants was part of the reason and outside force.
Whatever, be yourself dude!

Good luck harmony, safe safe days and nights.

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