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2004-06-27 22:33:46 (UTC)


so ive been great. happy. took that writing class. awesome.
met a boy. i really like him.

i really like him.

and i dont think i am capable of the fucking around level.
even tho that honestly is what i want. i dont want the
emotional and time commitment. he probably isnt even gonna
stay here. only twice we've hung out. feels like alot more.
already slept with him. we talk and laugh a whole lot. i
really like him. i guess we'll see right. i'll try. if i
havent scared him away already. i know he likes me too. i
can tell. not as much. sometimes i feel like i am falling
and that scares me. maybe itll be ok. its just for now. its
alright. relax and have fun, sara. its ok. he does like you,
and he will call you. and its ok.