The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-06-27 16:01:51 (UTC)

The witch from Hansel + Gretel was misunderstood!

Heylo! hows it goin? Am okdee apart from the fact i jus
cracked ma neck n now it feckin hurts a lot..! but och
wells..what can ya do!!

Last nite i jus went up 2 Lisas with Emma n we chilled
about n gossiped n catched up for a while then we watched
Big Brother..n that big ball thing looked pretty kewl..we
were talkin about how we wanted to b rolled about in it! :P
hehe..then we sat n watched 'Dirty Dancing' its a top film!
was well class!! Emma left after it then Lisa n i sat n
talked for a bit while listenin 2 'Taking back
sunday'..they heavy kik ass!! We went n got munch n stuff n
went back upstairs!!

We were jus lyin about watchin 'Scary Movie' when we were
both jus fallin asleep n nxt thing the fone goes..n it was
J..well we think it was..coz there was hunners of ppl
laffin that sounded like the guys n Js the only person i
know that talks like that..! he was talkin about puttin a
slice of bread in the side of ur mouth n talkin funny n how
it changed yer voice..! n he said.."heavy good" or thats how i kno it was him..! :p we got hung up
on tho wen i said.."j wit ye all aboot.." :-p lol..!
Then we tried 2 fone J back bt there was a fault in the
line so we foned Bryan n he was like "nah we didnt fone u"
then we went 2 spk 2 J n sum1 hung up on us..! Lisa was
heavy raging! was a pretty pish thing 2 do tho!!

Couldnt really sleep well last nite coz it was so dam
warm..! it was kinda crazy so i was jus lying thinkn n
tryin 2 sleep..eventually got 2 sleep n was jus gettin into
a deep sleep wen ma fone rings again!! it was alritey this
time coz it was ma wee Jonathan jus cummin home from the
arches! even tho he foned 2 tell me he was in bed at like
9..! was a pretty funny convo with a fucked person! :p! he
then promised he'd fone back n he did..which im impressed
with! :o) kinda had 2 spk loud tho coz he cudnt hear me coz
he was im sorry if i woke up Lisa or anything :-
/ sorry toots xx anyway i bet he'll b on a heavy cumdown
2day! eek!

Was a good laff spk 2 Mr Colin Tonner and Mr Paul Rendell
last nite..was kinda creepy the way Paul repeated
everything that Colin said then they would both laugh
hysterically for a bit..! a wee bit crazy.! i think they
had been smokin sum shit tho..! :oP hehe..! anywayz i
better go get ready 2 go 2 ma dads..!

- x adios x -