The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-27 07:53:48 (UTC)

6.26.04 What a Happening Night..........

lol wow......

Tonight was one of interest. I didnt thinkat first I was
gonna leave the house cause i didnt have any money....then,
thankfully, God blesses me with money.....and Ed and the
Rod (tha triad) call an thy wanna go downtown. for the
taste, which ends at 9, and theyre callin at 5:30...but
whatever, i was down.
So the triad gets on the train...haha being "fe"eble
minded (you like that dont you) the first thing I noticed
were the somewhat attractive white fes sitting next to us.
EDdie doesnt approach fes, and tha rod and i were for some
reason in horrible spirit....but he gets bold with it and
talks to them by askin them if they are goin to the
taste...they answer....but the test to see if theyre
interested is if they keep the convo going. They dont haha.
Minor loss of a big battle (which we lost anway...) so
to feel better Tha Rod and i start this random a capella really did relax but as you know
when black ppl hear lyrics, they come outa nowhere....i
swear, this random guy just appeard lol....he didnt walk up
the stairs or anything, he literally came out of a
portal...and he begins his obscene freestyling adventure, a
horrible embarrasaing the white girls begin to
murmur stereotypes about black NO! WE'RE
so to prove we're not from the streets, tha rod and i
approach again, this time askin them questions about skool
and stuff....and this random white guy stole our thunder,
that jerk....and all 3 girls jusut flock to him. i dont
care haha, i figured thered be plenty of fish downtown....
and so we arrive. we see ms barnes and company right
off the was awkward, it seemed like i had
gotten caught in a lie, but theres more to it....anyway,
back to downtown....i have seen very few true havens for
crunkmen, but this was one. and if it was heaven, then du
rags, earrings and jerseys were the streets of gold....we
black people are a flamboyant, superficial race. it was
pissing me off, walkin down Crunkmen Central...with every
single nig mean-mugging us...I wont front, in the city, im
soft as a beanie baby...i can be as hard as i want in the
burbs, but really im cake haha....edible chocolate cake
with hungry crunkmen with forks....
then eddie starts this whole scenario thing like
always....askin all these darn questions about what its
like whn crunkmen talk to your reaction?
concealed annoyance...haha he runs things into the ground was sooooo old haha. then we go to mcdonalds,
but by that time tha rod and I's mocha cappucino had worn
off, and i didnt have the spirits to talk to we
rolled out of Micky Dee's.....
hahahaha we see a random girl in a bright pink prom
dress and the rod and i find it hilarious...WHY? why go
downtown like that? lol its 2004. come on, no one dresses
up to go downtown anymore...
haha we saw ed's guy Drew on the way home, and I said
somethin like "wow, he's handsome, he looks better than
usual" or and im talkin to tha
BlockSmashas, whose motto is Doin' Big Things...i thought
theyd appreciate my realness..but like giddy goldfish in a
glamorously gay tank, they all these
gesticulations about my sexuality....and i was just being
real lol...they know im not gay....come on guys, we're
BlockSmashas, lets be bigger than that....
And by the time we get to the train home, we see Kim
Gordon and Tess Sevelow.. it's like midnight and im kinda,
ya know, i got me some not non-sexual energy....Kim Gordon
was for some reason looking extra good, but i know it was
my utter sexual energy that was changin my thoughts....haha
i didnt say anything to the Triad about that for some
moving on, we see this Thickalicious (props to Ed on
that word) girl on the train and eddie, always the sparker
of thoughts, goes on about girls he would "wreck shop" on
lol....i learned interesting things about my comrades, to
say the least...haha i swear, girls that normally look
decent looked super raw tonight....
the best part of the night for me was when i got home
to find all the doors locked...its like 1:30, and all the
doors to the house are locked shut...i called my brother
several times to get him to get the door casuse i knew if i
rang t he bell it would be the end of my social life as i
know it. BRILLIANTLY, my dad leaves his car door open, and
i use the garage opener to get in the crib. what a
haha thats like the end of the was rushed,
cause i got ppl wantin to view it...i might go back in and
make accurate changes later...