alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-06-27 05:40:38 (UTC)

he is everywhere

i am getting so sick of myself all i can think of is
daniel... i wonder if he found someone better.... i cant
help but to think of him. he is all that i think about he
is all that i talk about. he is all around me and it is
bugging the crap out of me. i want him out of my head. i
was talking to julie today and i started to think if i
could really trust him... he told me that he slept with 7
girls and he is only 17... so i started to think when he
told me that... how do i know that i can really trust him?
how do i know its true when he tells me he loves me... what
if he has said it to all of he girlfriend in the past..
what if him being so sweet is all an act.. what if he hurts
me like all the guys before? what am i supposed to do then?
just try to close the wound and start all over? there are
only so many times you can let people take pieces of you
before there is nothing left to take. i am so frusterated i
wish he would just talk to me. i wish i had the nerve to
tell him how i feel. what the hell is my problem what do i
have to be such a wimp?

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