hello willa.je cherche ma vie
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2004-06-27 05:27:52 (UTC)

some thing about me

unfortunately,i havent found out who i am.cuz i feel
myself always keep changing.espacially when i meet
different people,sometimes those people will easily make
me change.im still tryin to search for my meaning of
life,my destination,what i really need and really
want.somehow,my girlfriends more or less give me kinda
weird experence and changes which made my mind so
complicated.so i always think a lot.even somehow its too
much for me.too much.i would think about all kinda
possibilities and situation which made me tired....

about friends.i dont think people really need tons of good
friends.it would be nice to have lots of general friends
though.i hate lies and deception.cuz once i start to trust
u.i would love u as a good friend and who u are as well.i
would tell u all about me.my
happiness,depression,sadness.confussion.fully about
me...but sometimes my friends have to be pation and full
ear....maybe that would be kinda pain....

about love.in some sense.im an idiot on love.cuz people
say i dont know how to pretect myself.like,once i fall in
love with some one.i would just love her with my full
heart.and just never left anything.however,easily to get
hurt.but i still stick to my attitude towards love.just
fully love some one.cuz,it not so easy to meet the one you
love who also loves you.i dont wanna miss her,even it
would just be a very short time and i would get hurt after
that.i wouldnt be regrest.cuz at least i love her and
shared great time with her.as sweet as the truth is.if
people just hold back....what can we get and share?

people id like to meet.
1st.no racial discrimination.(im Cantonese,and aye!im
Cantonese.part of Chinese).love the universe
2nd.truely honest.
3rd.believe in true love
4th.dont look down upon men with fully romantic heart.cuz
people think those are kinda weak

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