alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-06-26 23:23:59 (UTC)

what do you do when you have no1 left to turn to?

i talked to julie today and she was crying over jay again
god i hate him so much..i hate how he can treat her like
shit... julie is a really beautiful person inside and out.
she does not deserve to be hurt so much. i wish i could get
inside his head and find out why he treats her like he
does... maybe he is scared of losing her because he knows
that she is to good for him. feel so bad for julie i wish i
could make all of her hurt go away.. she gave her heart
away to him for 3 years and all he did was rip it into tiny
pieces and throw them back at her. i admire her strength,
how she can put herself out there like that, unfortunately
she gave herself yto the wrong guy. me and her had a talk
today about how she feels and about how i feel. i felt
really good to tell her about how i felt about daniel now i
just wish i could tell him... i dont know what to do i
guess i will just wait things out and c what happens.

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