2004-06-26 21:47:39 (UTC)

What Aimee Found

My friend, Aimee, and her husband Emil are in Indianapolis
this week. Emil is one of the board members of the Smiling
Tigers Vietnam Association

and they are having their annual reunion there this week.
Emil served two tours in Vietnam in the late 60's and was
back and going to university when he and Aimee met.

Yesterday they went to the War Museum in Indianapolis and
Aimee, as usual, photographed everything she saw. It wasn't
until they got back to their hotel and Aimee started to look
more carefully at the digital photographs she'd taken that
she realized that one of them was of a small display case
and in that case was information about Steven. Yes, my
Steven. She called to tell me. There were medals,
photographs, a newspaper article about how he died and his
obituary. And Aimee told me that at least two of the
medals, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, were given to him
in 1968. Yes, I knew he'd been there then but I'd never
heard about these medals. Not too surprising, I realize
now. When we met he'd already re-enlisted. We knew he was
going back to Vietnam and it's not suprising he didn't
regale me with war stories about close calls he'd had when
he was there the first time. I'm guessing these items were
given to the museum by his uncle after his parents died.

I still find this hard. A week from Monday, July 5th, would
have been his 55th birthday. It's also John's 56th birthday.

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