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2004-06-25 20:35:20 (UTC)

6.25.04 Friends: How Many of us Have Them?

I'd like to spit today about all the people who are well
into the Alix Circle. This is in no particular order, so
dont get pissed if you're near the bottom.

Antron B.
You are like the best listener ever. We have a lot in
common, but we mainly are as cool as we are because I've
known you for most of my life, and we both don't wanna grow
up, I think. I get this because all of our convos are about
non-mature things, which is cool haha. Everything I go thru
in my life it seems like you can relate to, and you seem to
always have a master plan up your sleeve. It's been super
cool knowin ya cuz, and it always will be. You speak the
truth, and you're too dont front or change for
no one, and I respect that to the fullest

Edouard C.
We've kicked it since day one...probably because we're
cousins...but I have never felt forced to kick it with you.
I feel that I can always be myself around you. You're a bit
eccentric, and you have this way about you that I can't
really put my finger on. You're not easily overlooked, and
a person that can be spotted in a crowd...theres kind of a
glow about you. You probably know me the best second to my
mom, which is cool. I feel I know you equally as well, and
thats prolly why we work. We know eachothers quirks,
personalities, and insecurities. Stay real.

Sherod H.
known u a short time... but you're one of the few people
that I can say is sincerely concerned with the well being
of other people.You're so absolutely define
what it is to keep it real. You also bring new meaning to
the term "bout ya business", as you have managed to
amazingly balance being as cool as you are and being
successful. You show dynamic leadership ablity also, and
you serve as somewhat of a role model as an all around
person. There are very few people who are capable of being
funny but seriously powerful at the same time. We click
because we both know human nature very sometimes
I can just give you a look and vice versa and I/you
understand whats goin on...We're both able to kinda see
through people and understand them...we're on another level
haha...stay real

haha you...I dont know where to start...youre funny as
ever...because I can see right thru you, and you act the
complete opposite of what I see....haha i cant be myself
around you and you cant be yourself around me, but we both
know eachother well. I dont know if that makes any sense.
Haha you always kno where the buck parties are at.....and
we really dont kick it enough

Everett J.
I feel like I'm one of few people who knows how absolutely
cool you are. You're so darn cool and unneccessarily nice
lol, and there is a
well-defined line between work and play for you. Luckily, I
get to see the playful side most, which is awesome.
Hahahaha we both really enjoy random comedy, and It's
hilarious doing random things with you. Haha Dairy Queen,
Nolan's House....hahahahaha Nolan's house
hahahahaha...whew...a lot of memories for the short time
we've been cool. I think the reason we get along so well is
because of our counter-personalities. You're real
consistent and quiet, and I'm capricious and extremely
outgoin....together we form some kinda of perfect
person...we'll call him Evalix or something hahahaha.

These are all the guys close to me right now....if we're
becoming closer, expect your name here shortly..... It's
Big AL. One Up.