2004-06-25 18:18:33 (UTC)

Great Books

Willa ( put up a list of great
books, indicating which ones she's read. I looked at the
list she linked to which had 101 great books. I've read 78
of them, many of them in high school, some for AP English,
but most of them for my own pleasure. Two--The Stranger and
Madame Bovary--I read in the original French.

I didn't major in English at university but as I'd read so
many of the novels assigned in English classes I'd take
those classes for easy A's. It's how I managed to take 24 or
more credit hours each term my senior year and remain on the
honor roll; I'd already done the reading for half my classes.

My personal list of top ten fiction books:

1. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
2. The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman
3. Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman
4. The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence
5. Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver
6. A Fearsome Doubt by Charles Todd
7. The Bird Artist by Howard Norman
8. The Grass Dancer by Susan Power
9. Shipping News by Annie Proulx.
10.The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields

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