Hokwan dish~
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2004-06-25 15:49:42 (UTC)

Ngng~ A Wonderful day

When I am thinking this dairy's topic, really want to
tell you many things! But... at last, i've chose this
topic "A wonderful day" because i've done a lot of things

Today, i woke up at 7. Wow! It's really a hardship for me
and I'm really tired! 7!!! Just because of my crazy dad!
Need to get up so early and then want to the restaurant and
have my breakfast, then we went to swiming pool and swim,
swim, swim! I didn't eat a lot because it's not good for
me! In the swimming pool, i just wear a swimsuit and
nothing!!! I found that the power of the salty man is very
hit! There are some man look at me and even stand on the
gound at then...... Oh my God!!! And those salty lifeguard

Then went to my cousin's home and take my bath ( because
it is the date of the checking)! Then have my lunch with my
dad and grandma, in the restaurant also! But of course, i
didn't eat a lot also! Just take a little!!!

Then went to window shopping with my stupid grandma, then
went back home. It's really hot outside! Went back home,
watching those boring TV progamme, tidy up my deck, tidy up
the clothes and then...... read a book called " 愛是不保留"
My sister said it's fine, just a try, coz it's really
boring! Um... quite good! And know a lot about our life!
Try it!

After my sister's piano lesson, went to have a hair cut!
Ng~ my mum and my sister said that it's nice and quite good
looking, is it really quite good looking? I'm not sure! But
i wanna to said it okay if i don't pick them up! But, if i
pick them up? Um...... You can tell! It's too ... I don't
know! When I went to that hair salon, my mum take a little
joke! She remember the wrong number of the .... Wow~
luckily, my sister have a try first! Hohoo... then I've
changed another... That guy! just ask me a lot and wanna to
talk with me, but i didn't pay attention on him! But he can
tell that I'm studying in a girl school!!!!!! Is that my
look very... Could anyone help me?

Finish a day of work! I think it's wonderful! Tomorrow,
still wanna to went swiming, although there are many salty
man...... see!

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