2004-06-25 08:10:35 (UTC)

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Some people do it, some people do not.

Depends on whether you respect the privacy of people
around you. It seems like some people get into obsessive
patterns of behavious and become so desperate for
ammunition with which to be critical with you that they
will actually invade your privacy and read you msn message
histories behind your back and come up with their own
unique interpretation of what it is you mean by what you
say, assign their own unique level of severity to it, and
instead of looking at it as an instance, expand it to mean
your REAL FEELINGS OVERALL in a very broad and sweeping
way, then act hurt and condemn you based on this.
Further, it seems some will go sa far as read on further
and assume everything that is in anyway non-specific and
mentioned in a general sweeping "not liking it" kinda way
directed at said spy. The hunger for ammo is evident.
The damage is both to my privacy and to their feelings,
though in the case of their feelings it is self-inflicted
and the obligation of feeling remorse is pushed upon me.

And then the explosion comes where it is a mixture of hurt
emotions (brought from spying on me though, mind you) with
a sense of martyrdom that demands respect - which of
course implies that I haven't been giving any respect, and
in turn is offensive to me as I am and have been very
respectful. I guess it doesn't matter. I"m not very
respected when my privacies are SO pulled back that people
actually invade to hunt things to be mad about behind my