No time for love Dr. Jones
2004-06-25 06:37:47 (UTC)

Never cheer before you know who's winning (don't make a sound)

What's the deal with TV shows being so in tune (haha) with
what's going on in my life? Lately I've been thinking a
about my real dad, more specifically about the probability
of having brothers and/or sisters out there I've never
The last few episodes of Alias have had Sydney trying to
track down a sister she's never met. Crazy!

But it's not the first time it's happened either, many
other times, but with situations, a TV show has been on
with a basic subject matter that is either closely related
to a recent event in my life, or can be easily linked to
one. It's downright kooky.

P.S. I think I've *almost* finished writing a song I
started writing when I was 18. 7 years ain't too bad

*Edit* No, I still haven't finished it, today's date is
the 7th of November, 2005, and as yet, "Sarah" is still
unfinished. Is it strange that I never wrote the title of
the song in the original post, yet still know which song
I'm talking about? Is it a rhetorical question if I'm the
only person who'll ever read it?"

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