my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-06-25 04:35:04 (UTC)

amelll!! u better read this!!

hey amy sue!!
dang well i guess i didnt miss much by not going to the
show:( btu still i woudl have loved it.. but ne way todya
was so boring!! after u elft madn when i walked by chris
and chris were still otuside and our chris was whisteling
at me but i t took me forever to see him bcuz he was behind
something huge. dang amy its coming back to me now.
then when i was doing power point for praise team, after
wards, i was waiting for daddy to pick me up, and he was
over at jason and jordans. i was sooo tempted to walk over
and talk but i was like nah. gotta get over it. *sigh* ne
way hey. email me. lol.


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