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2004-06-25 00:59:51 (UTC)

6.24.04 If There's ONE THING I HATE!

Thereare certain people out there who are awful
listeners....they are so absolutely self centered....this
is like my most vibrant pet peeve....WHY? Why are these
people incapable of looking past themselves? Why dont these
people have social skills? Why is it always about them? Is
it me? Am I not aggressive enough? Am I too nice? I thought
that it was normal for people to inquire, listen to others'
problems....I admit, at times I dont feel like listening,
but I am capable of putting myself aside to listen to
someone else. It's just that it pisses me off when I HAVE A
PROBLEM and no one can do the same for me! Someone once
said that the world gets more selfish as time passes sounds ridiculous, but not really. even in medieval
times people were willing to kill themselves for the lives
of one person. Nowadays we got laissez-faire economies and
a society in which being aggressively selfish gets someone
a lot of money.
But back to these people...if youve ever noticed that
the only time YOU are put in the conversation is when YOU
bring yourself up and YOU arent the one who changes the
subject, youre probably talkin to one of these selfish
people. It's ok if this happens once or twice, but when the
stuff happens ALL the time, when you start to get annoyed
and begin using cheesy feedback to humor the other party,
thats a stinkin selfish person. Why are there not more
listeners? WHY?!!?!It makes very little sense the way some
people operate, so self concious, so blind, so RIDICULOUSLY
vain! Sit down for a minute and observe the other party!