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2004-06-24 20:52:30 (UTC)

once again confused

well daniel called me today and i didnt know what to say to
him he was being really confusing... i think we broke up
but i am not sure he ws just liek so were u confused when i
told u i wanted to put us on hold but then i tell you i
loved you... i didnt know waht to say i wanted to yell at
him and tell him no you dont love me so stop saying you do!
i am so confused about us and me being grounded is not
helping matters any. i want to see him so much but i want
to break up with me cuz i dont want him to get attached to
me and then i will screw shit up and hurt him when he does
not deserve it. i dunno what i am going to do i just need
some time to think about things.