Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-06-24 12:44:12 (UTC)

Exhaustion setting in...

Okay, we leave tomorrow for this major road trip, and I
only have one child packed. I'm about halfway packed with
the other child, and have thought about packing for
myself. Then, last night, the baby was up every two
hours! I'm up so much at night now, I literally hear my
stomach growling after dinner has gone away!
I have lots to do yet today...swimming lessons (last one,
yeah!), get the oil changed on the car, get car insurance
renewed, wash and vacuum the car, finish packing, get
things loaded, and of course, wash clothes, bedding, etc
and vacuum and clean the house! I think I may be starting
to panic.
Oh, as schizy as I am now, I forgot! Thanks for the
feedback! It really made me smile to realize that someone
else understood how things are when you have an infant. It
reminded me that there are actually people out there that
read this thing! (It's easy to forget when there's no sex
in the title, lol)
Anywho, I also talked to my husband last night because he
finally realized how much I've been stressing. He didn't
realize how tight we were financially. We have 3 major
bills/payments that have to be made before we are gone and
one that has to be made as soon as we return. Before we
go, we have to pay our mortgage, our lot rent and water
bill (combined), and the down payment to the insurance
renewal. Then when we come back, my car payment is due!
Add in the last minute stuff that you pick up here and
there for a trip, along with his little $2-10 daily debits
for this and that, and it adds up!
Needless to say, that is not including any household bills
that need to be paid before we leave (phone, cell phone,
electricity, etc). Yes, I am a bit stressed. Add that to
the lack of sleep, and you are talking a pretty grumpy
woman. Oh well, that's my job, I guess! My husband is
saying now, it's okay if I don't have things completely
ready when he gets here tomorrow to leave. That we can do
things here after he gets here before we go. Thing is, I
want to get on the road, and I want to show him that I can
be ready with the two boys when it's time to go!
Well, I better run, the little one is about to roll off my
bed waiting for me to get off the computer.

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