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silent wishes
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2004-06-24 10:57:10 (UTC)

what to do now

let's see. the phone says it's 6:43, which means i've
been at work a good 15 minutes. and guess what. i'm cold
and bored and sleepy. oh, and i hacked into my boss's
computer yesterday, hence the reason i'm typing this on
anything other my "dear" computer, my link to the outside.
ha, right, but i did hack into it, and they came back frm
vacation yesterday, and i'm just wondering whether or not
i'll get caught. but, seeing as i'm sleepy, i look alittle
sweeter than usual so maybe i can talk my way out of it if
i, by chance, get caught.

wow. that woke me up slightly. i typed in 'games' in the
search bar and was looking through one website and for a
minute i could've sworn that there was a game
called 'busta cock'. hahaha...oh i need some caffeine.

holy crap that's a biiiig pile of papers. ah oh well, i
wanted something to do. I NOW HAVE POWER!! WHOO!! no,
really i just have the internet and enough sense to use it
after almost 2 weeks, but it does make a nice distraction
from the horribly blank grey walls and the black tile
floor. i should go, it usually doesnt take me long to file
all these papers...

forever 17