Pieces of Me
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2004-06-24 06:12:29 (UTC)


I'm not sure whether to actually write what I'm thinking or
not. It seems easy simply because I am writing (or typing,
same difference), and my thoughts always come out much
easier this way. But I'm quite aware that my friends read
this occasionally, and I know that I don't want all of my
friends to know certain things about me.

I'm not even sure what it is that I want to say.... I guess
whatever it is is made up of random 2a.m. thoughts. Not
always the most coherent, if you ask me... but still the
way I feel, whether it all makes sense or not.

Okay, ya know what? "Say Anything..." is over, and now I'm
watching Jerry Springer.... And, well, any semi-deep
thoughts I was having are now gone. Strange how that show
seems to drop a person's I.Q. in a matter of seconds, isn't
it? Ah, the power of stupidity....
It's just so... uncivilized, and...abnormal,
and...completely idiotic....

Wow, what a pointless entry, huh?

Guess you'll all have to wait a little longer for something
more meaningful.

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