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meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-06-24 02:13:58 (UTC)

lock down day 3

so daniel didnt cheat on me it turns out that someone stole
his phone and was fucking around with it. but i think he
did break up with me.. i am so confuesed cuz first he tells
me that he needs time to find himself then we can have a
relationship but then he tells me he loves me.. i wish i
could believe him but i know how much of a bitch i am he
cant possibly love me..i broke off my "date" with chad
today to cuz of me being a way i am kinda glad
i did cuz i dont want to do something wrong and have daniel
find out and hate me for the rest of 4 ever. i dont want to
screw up what i have with daniel if i have anything at all
anymore...i dont wanna think bout this anymore so i aint.
ohh yea b 4 i go, Nicole eat eat eat!!!!! u know what i
mean lol... that kinda sounded dirty if you have an amber

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