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2004-06-24 00:20:38 (UTC)

*dododododo* PaRa!

Heylo all! hows it goin? Am alritey..! a wee bit sleepy
even tho i shud really b! Well last nite i thot i was takin
an anxiety attack in was really feckin
weird..anywayz not gonna talk about that coz iv told a few
ppl about it already! Anywayz all iv done 2day is sleep!
coz i didnt get 2 sleep last nite until like 5ish which

Tonight i didnt get up2 much..i was invited up2 Malcolms
for a while but i decided to stay in coz i cudnt b arsed
going out or anything so aye!! Watched the rest of 10
things i hate about u with ma mum which was quite good : )!

Well yday after i watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' i
watched 'Big Fish' which was really quite good 2..! it
didnt feel like i was watchin it for 2 hours! which is a
good thing! At first i wasnt really impressed with it n i
was heavy gutted becoz iv loved every Tim Burton film iv
saw coz i jus think the guys is amazin with a excellent
imagination! but then it got close 2 the end n it all got
good n i likeyed it! : ) So its all good!!

Tomorrow nite im going 2 Crystals which im lookin forward
2! Im headin 2 c Seans band 'Nothing Yet' and Hoax n Somnus
are playing as well..aint heard any of the bands but it
shud b a good nite!! Emmas cummin along 2! : ) So aye!!

Leesha..u shud keep on writing in yer diary becoz i read
it! n its interesting n always has good entry names..:p so
keep it up! hehe! xx

Anyhoo i believe i hav rambled on enuff pish for one

- x adios x -

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