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2004-06-23 23:43:02 (UTC)

The Month of Depression

May 12th
Upto this period I've been basically revising like there was
no tomorrow. My first exam was taxation on this day. Me,
Michael and Hayley made our way to the Bathwater Building in
Woolwich. The taxation exam was in a large hall, all I
remembered was that the exam was really hard and that I was
shivering all the way through. The room was extremely cold
and that day was extremely cold. Me and Hayley finished the
exam early and we went to get something to eat something at
a nearby cafe. Around 1ish by then everyone finished the
exam, went around Woolwich looking at stuff for a while. I
went home and slept, I couldn't go to work because I had
been up since like 5 in the morning and was really knackered
through revision.

May 14th - This exam comprise of a multiple choice Advance
Financial Accounting in the same place we had our Taxation
exam. However this exam was at 6pm but the day was pretty
gorgeous. I revised quite thoroughly for this because we had
alot of time and i didn't have to do an overnight cram. The
exam went well and we left there pretty early.

May 17th - This was at the actual Advance Financial
Accounting. It was a 3 hour paper that consisted of a
question where you had to do some consolidating, it wasn't
difficult but the written part is really hard as the
question was extremely vague. I finished it really early and
just wanted to get out.

May 19th - This exam was Management Accounting. I throughly
enjoyed the course over the year and really studied for this
one. The exam however was a bit iffy, there were some parts
that were ok but the rest was just too vague. I stayed in
that exam for the whole length. I had to work later that
day. I had another exam the following morning, so I was
quite baffled how I was going to manage studying this one.

May 20th - Today was the final exam, yes the last one.
However this exam was all the way in Blackheath, somewhere
we haven't been before. I went with Michael to the train
station around 7.30 and we decided to get the DLR (Docklands
Light Rail) from Greenwich to Elverson Road. I looked up a
map 2 days beforehand and that was really close to where our
exam was. Hayley said she got a lift from her mum and been
to Blackheath early that morning. Only one problem - she
didn't know where it was. We got there at around 8.45ish and
Hayley was still nowhere to be found. Turns out that she
was all the way up Shooters Hill which was nowhere near the
exam place and she had no money. She was crying when I
called her and that she was ready to go home. I told her
that you can't give up now and I said I will call a cab to
come pick her up. This was around 9 and time was running
out. Our exam was schedule to start at 9.30. I relayed
Hayley from time to time, calling her to reassure her. The
cab arrived to her around 9.15 and was going to take around
20-30 min. By 9.20 people started to go in, Michael said he
was going in and I said fair enough, I'll wait for Hayley.
It was around 9.40ish and someone came out and asked if I
was suppose to do the Law Exam. I replied that yes I was and
she informed me that it was only a 90 minute exam. I was
gobsmacked. Me, Hayley and Michael thought that it was going
to be a 3 hour exam and knowing how I work, losing 20 min
wasn't going to be too bad. However knowing this was really
heart wrencher for me. The cab arrived at the right place at
around 9.45. I paid the driver and grabbed Hayley and told
her the exam was only 90 min, and ran into the exam room.
Sat down in the exam room and had a good stare at the paper.
I took one look and thought "oh my god, is this it?" The
exam consisted of 7 questions in which you had to answer any
3 you desired. There were 3 questions I throughly studied
the night before and I knew how to answer them. I answered
them and still finished early. There were some people who
arrived later than us, much later. When the exam finished,
everyone just rushed out and was jubilant when they had done
the whole year. We all went out and went towards the town,
and bought something to eat. We went back to Hayleys house
because she was going to give us a lift back and she had to
pay me back for the cab.
That night, me and Hayley planned to go to G-A-Y as a
celebration for the end of the exams. We travelled on the
train to London and made our way to Ku Bar where two of her
friends, Stacy and Amy, were already there. Amy was a tall
girl, around 5 ft 10-11, quiet and naive sounding but she
was lovely. Stacy was a busty Scots and she had a really
funny laugh. We drank a glass of Sex on The Beach and a few
Blowjobs. We then went to G-A-Y Bar and had a few drinks,
sitting around watching the music videos. Around 10.30 we
left to go to G-A-Y. Once we were in we stayed mostly
upstairs where the music was just good pop. I'm quite
indifferent about G-A-Y, I've been there way too many times
so the novelty of going has really worn off. We danced for
loads and tried the slushy vokda drinks which really hit the
spot when you're really hot. Stacy and Amy left around 1 and
shortly left to get some food. I ordered falafel and she
ordered a chicken burger. We returned to the club, danced
for a bit more then left around 2ish. We got a bus home all
the way to her house. I was half asleep when I got there, on
the couch just lazying away. I called a cab to come pick me
up and went home. That was that ;)