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2004-06-23 19:29:35 (UTC)

6.23.04 The Art of Kissing

Maybe it's because I'm still in a minor kiss slump, but
I realize how wonderful kissing is as days pass. Those who
know me closely know that I have an unmatched desire to
kiss with random girls...and the vast array of girls that
I've kissed before makes me somewhat of an expert, I think.
A lot of people think theyre an expert by the quantity of
kisses that they've "underwent", if you will, but I say
this is not the case. It is the ability to categorize girls
by their methods of making out, and such a thing can only
come from substantial experience.
I find that the most difficult moment to fulfilling
the kissing desire is the entry. There will always be a bit
of a taboo thing going on before one goes in for the kiss.
The other party will typically know when a kiss, or an
attempt at one, is coming.
Before I continue, let me take a moment to describe
what I mean by "kiss", as the word is thrown around often.
There are, as EVERYONE knows, different degrees and nuances
to kissing. When I use "kiss" here, I am referring to, if
you pardon the details, an open-mouthed kiss using tongue.
Quite frankly, I see no purpose in an open mouthed kiss
without tongue. What exactly is going on there? That, I
must shamefully admit, is not a kiss that I have
experienced. I mean, how is the act of kissing
entertaining, or, for that matter, stimulating, without
tongue? I hope I will one day understand, I think...It
seems they do it a lot in the movies, perhaps to not gross
out the viewers. But what's really so gross about a tongue
kiss?? I digress.......
Back to the kissing entry. I think that whenever two
fairly desirable people are walking, both parties are
thinking, conciously or subsconciously, about kissing. (and
by two parties, I mean two people that are attracted to
the gender of the other party....jeez that was badly
worded) When some circumstance occurs that draws the two
faces in close to eachother, it is then that the thought,
if it was subconcious, becomes live and real. I, in this
situation, like to make full eye contact and crack my
notorious quarter smile...thats only if its the first time
we've kissed, though....It's something magical, kissing a
reasonably attractive girl for the first time, entering
this exploratory cell of bacterium...there's very little
air in there...and what makes it special is the brushing of
the ego...she wouldnt be in thecell if she wasnt at lest
somewhat attracted to you, and vice versa. Still, right
before entrance of the tongue, youre imagining just how
slithery the tongue will be, and it always turns out more
slithery than expected, which is, in my opinion, brilliant.
One must look past what is actually going on
biologically...quite gross. Instead, I find myself to focus
on the salacious dance of the partners tongue; its soooo
slick, and for a moment, there, you aren't you any longer,
but rather, your tongue. ALl distractions are virtually
eliminated on that first kiss, and to think that the same
dazzling effect is occuring in the mind of the other person
is spellbinding.
When it comes to closing a kiss, I stand out as a
master. My abiity to indenify the line between occasional
pleasure and needed pleasure as a result of metnal
evasiveness, is uncanny. As said by someone famous, it's
better to die out than fade away. You wanna end that thing
on a good note, particularly for the first time. It is only
a matter of time when this heavenly moment ends, and the
activity becomes dragged's like being addicted to
drugs, is still searching for that "first
high" by dragging something along that has become wholely
hazardous. With kissing being a monochromatic activity, it
is important to end it as soon as possible, like I'm going
to do now.