The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-23 19:13:44 (UTC)

6.23.04 Lemme Take a Moment to Clarify

I noticed that in previous entries I stated that I had
failed at finding myself, and then later on that I found
myself over the course of junior year. Allow me to give a
distinction between the two. I think I wrote about my
random mood swings in here....Right now I feel at my best.
I'm confident, secure, etc...and because of this you can
notice a dramatic shift in the tone of my entries. Lately,
theyve been all positive and stuff, when before they were
melodramatic and lugubrious (i keep using that word). I
can't see myself shifting into another slump of
unhappiness, but I hate to even say something like that,
because the pitcher known as life will throw you a
curveball as soon as you get comfortable. And I'm
comfortable. Haha so expect another shift soon. But now,
know that I'm happy, and in love with life. And even when
I'm sad, I'm still in love with life, and easy to get along
with. I'm just sad. If youre reading this, let me ask you
this: can you tell when I'm sad? and when I am sad, is it
easy to get along with me? I guess it doesnt matter, I dont
really care what you think anyway, unless youre some kinda
pretty girl. But now that I think I have clarified, I shall
step away from the diary for a moment and live a little.