The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-23 17:59:11 (UTC)

6.23.04 The Good Things About Me

I just woke up, and I feel decent. I'm filthy, just
got back from mowing the lawn and a distance run that ended
pitifully when I hurt myself and had to walk after like 2.5
miles. It's ahrd being a shape-demon haha, especially with
legs like these.
Looking at my entire junior year, which was fabulous in
an aesthetic sense, I realize that the transformation has
greatly affected ALix. If you don't know, this year, I
believe I found myself, who I am supposed to be. As much a
wordsmith as I am, that's on thing I cannot put into words.
I feel comfortable now and have no desire to impress
anyone. This is living, I gotta tell you. It took me long
enough though....two years of living like an idiot who was
a pompous on the outside, so insecure in the
inside. It's nice to have all that behind me. Big things.
Big things indeed.
Highlights in the female realm? Can't say anything
else special is going on. Girls seem to like Alix more over
the summer, though, I'll tell you that much. Haha during
the year, they sleep on me. I think I bring a sense
of...happiness ansd eas-goingness (not a word) to the
world, and if I could stay in a good mood all the time, I
might be up for a Nobel Peace Prize. I got something that
not a lot of people have, I think. I don't strive to please
anyone, but I still please people. I'm really human, a good
person to be around. I think that's wonderful. Enough
brushing my ego, though.
I think that I may start posting my thoughts on other
people here, like a biography kinda thing. THat would be
cool. I think another one of my talents/gifts is
interpreting people. WOW, now that I read this entry, I
sound really conceited. haha dont judge me by this entry.
Know that the rest of my diary I didn't brush my ego at all
haha...not that it is essential that I brush my ego...I'm
just viewing the good things about me. I'm out though, one