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2004-06-23 15:26:56 (UTC)

A Letter to Daniel~

Where are you now???Why you leave me alone here without
telling me. You promised me to take care me, but where are
you now, how can you take care me. Don't you want to know
the final answer from me???
I can't sleep yesterday the whole night, I keep thinking
all the things happened to us and what I did to you. I felt
so bad, now I am the one who will be regret, not you. I
need your forgiveness, please, come back, I don't want to
lose you, you are my BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!!! You don't want
to lose her either, right; you tried so hard and you have
done lots os things to be with her, I am sure you don't
want to lose her, then come back. Come back and stay with
I will wait for you until you come back, at least you
have to say something to me and leave. You didn't say
anything to me and you gone, do you know how much me and
her have to suffer??? I don't even have any picture with
you, I only have one with Omar. If I didn't see you, I will
never get marry until you come back because you have to be
the first one to know I get a boyfriend, just like I
supposed to be the first one to know you and her are lovers.

I will help you to take care her until you come back, but
you can't take too long thou because I have no patient.

I will never forget you no matter where we are or how far
we are because we are BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!!!!


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