Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2004-06-23 15:02:22 (UTC)


dad is on the radio doing a government add about farm
safety and do i think its funny god damn right i do its the
funniest shit i have heard in weeks put it this way farm
safety is not in dads vocab this is a man who nearly cut
his own damn head off with the chaff cutter

works shit did breaky and then could get my sleep between
shifts so went to work tonight in a daze and nearly fell
asleep drivin home but thats anoher story i will keep to
myself thought that i might get an early night not to
happen had a group in that were supposed to eat some where
else ended up eating at work and to make it worse i had the
stares at janelles arse again

describe the perfect arse: janelles it dominates over any i
have seen and the way it sits in them pants she sprays on
to make it worse i think they are way to small for her and
you can make out the fact that she is always showin it off
pity about the boyfriend who i am told is a good bloke but
when i ask her if she get flowers and chocolates and taken
out for tea i get the reply that the best she has ever got
from hm was fish and chips one night before they watched
the footy. that sucks she needs to know how a real
gentleman should treat her, movies and expensive meals at
fancy rest' but i am not the one to give it to her
plus the fact that she gets the stares worse then i do even
at me and the ther night she was flirtin bad with everyone
at one stage she was starein at me and licking her lips and
i stared back at her and did my toungue flick with me
tongue ring got the responcei wanted though shegiggled and
just said maybe
that freaked me out a little

not much else to report apart from the dull things that
happen in my day got me a HIM lighter and i won a HIM
wallet on ebay and yes i am addicted again i can feel it

ok beddy byes for me hope you enjoyed my day

drug i wish
music must say varys today am lovin anything by the 69 eyes
lovin dawns highway