Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-06-23 04:12:31 (UTC)


There's a word if ever there was a word.
What does it really mean.
To orientate: is to hear what you are expected to do and
learn within the confines of this building and
curriculum. How does that sound? Fairly accurate???
Well, I am Orientating tomorrow at a school that starts
the end of August and runs into January. It is fulltime,
5 days a week. I hope I can stick it out and still work
parttime as well. Thank God for my savings account. It
will come in handy, to be sure. I really hate to use any
of that, but I will have no choice.

My goal of having a next egg has come to fruition and to
have to use some of it for bills is something I just have
to do. I guess I should be glad it's there. I certainly
can't expect help from family in any way. That's not the
way my family works.

I am excited about the learning though. Especially in a
subject that has interested me for some time now.

Good luck to me tomorrow at 9 am, eastern time.

Bye bye, Bon bons.

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