polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-23 03:59:48 (UTC)

post spa night, and so so relaxed

Massages are my favorite. This is the most wonderful
feeling. I am walking on clouds. We arrived a little late -
I took too long in the shower :( bad bad me. And everything
in the salon was quiet. Candles were lit and everyone was
in smocks and lying around sipping on wine. Just to
clarify, I had a coke. And after changing, we went in. We
got neck and back massages, then went to foot massages,
scalp massages, then facials. The only problem was that I
couldn't concentrate. I was still a million miles away, in
my mind. I kept screaming inside my head, "stop thinking!"
I wanted to be relaxed, to focus on clearing my mind, to
take in the aroma and the sound of the crashing waves on
tape. But songs were playing and thoughts were racing. It
was impossible. But I loved it all the same. My skin is so
soft, and so is my hair. But my hair smells like lesbian,
ha. Chris wants to know as opposed to what. Aw Chris, the
poor, lonely little beast. I almost feel sorry for her.
So back to the spa night. It was a remarkable feeling. I
can't describe it. It was like I wanted them to know
everything about me, all of my secrets, (my favorite scent:
strawberry, my favorite taste: chocolate, my favorite place
to be: up until recently it was just about anywhere with my
boyfriend,) and yet I felt that somehow they knew. It was
like they could read my mind, and knew just what I wanted.

In retrospect, massages are the essense of all that is
holy and wonderful in the world. I wish I could get one
every day, I would be much more relaxed all of the time. I
just know I'm going to sleep well tonight.

She signed us up for another one, the day after school
starts, and a skin care and makeup type thing or something
like that. I don't exactly remember. Well it's nearing
eleven, and I'm already drifting off. Getting up early is
draining me.