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2004-06-23 03:54:49 (UTC)

dear Nicole note 2

dear nicole i am sorry i had to do this to you but i cant
take it anymore there are only so many times you can hear
someone tell you how much of a screw up you are. you are
the only persont in my life that i can honestly say i truly
love. you have helped me grow in so many ways you were
alway there to make me happy. i can not even tell you how
much you mean to me i could go on for days about how much i
love you. i am sorry i had to so this to you but its al for
the best there are so many more people out there alot
better then me i was a downer in you life and i am sorry. i
told my dad today if i am that bad of a person maybe i
should just kill myself and you know what he said? GO
AHEAD! so nicole you are the only person i am saying sorry
and i love you to everyone else has made my life hell. you
dont know what its like to wake up in the morning and start
crying because you woke up, you have to go through another
day of everyones bullshit. you dont know waht its like to
hate yourself so much, hate everything you are, hate
everything you stand for. so now that i am gone i know all
of your lives are alot better, grandma you now have noone
to bicth at, dad now you dont have to listen to everyone
bitch about how bad i am and mom you were always worried
about me hating you...well now i am gone no more worries
you can finally be the center of dads attention again.
so i hope you all have nice lives after this and
congratulations cuz i am no longer your daughter i just
became another statistic!