alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-06-23 03:40:22 (UTC)

dear Nicole note 1

dear nicole i am so sorry for putting you through this. i
am so sorry for hurting you. you are the only person who i
truly care about. i care about you so much unlike anything
ever before. i never ment to hurt you you are such a
wonderful person. you were the only good thing i had in my
life...but sometimes thats not enought ya know? i know i
could have been a way better friend to you but i thank you
for never leaving my side. maybe me doing this was for the
best you can do so much more with your life i am just
holding you back. you do not even know how much you have
helped me you were always there when i needed you. i wish i
could say that i was always there for you but i know i
wasnt i regret that to. if i had one thing in my life to do
over it would be to treat you like the beautiful person
that you are. i admire everything you are even if you dont
like what it is. i love you more then you will ever know
you were all i ever needed when i was with you i never
needed anything more. when me and you would just sit in my
car and talk it made me forget about all of the drama. i
could careless about what was going on around us. the only
thing i really cared aobut was you and you being happy. i
would rip out my own heart and cut it into a million tiny
pieces if it would make you happy. that is all i want to
see is for you to be truly happy inside.

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