The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-22 20:42:11 (UTC)


Whew! How boring this world of Alix Coupet is! It's funny
how extreme boredom and laziness are linked. After a day of
complete boredom, I become lazier as a person. Soon, I'll
probably stop brushing my teeth and washing up....The onl
thing that can save me from being too lazy to pee is a
girlfriend, probably. Haha the readers of this diary know
how everything is going to end up with 100% focus on
girls..What's going on in the life of Alix in respect to
girls? Let's investigate.
Since I made my diary public, I'm going to try to keep
the names of most of these girls confidential. I know it
takes away from the absolute solitude discovery, but I
don't care. God Bless America for its lack of censorship,
but but God Bless it more for the legalit of censoring
things. Yeah....a day or two ago, a girl told me that she
liked me. I hadn't heard that in a while, and it does good
things for the ol' self esteem...I've been flooded
with compliments from girls lately, though without
practicing sholarly skills, I can feel myself becoming
dumber. But perhaps the speculations regarding ignorance
are true: maybe stupid people ARE more attractive. Either
way, AL is becoming BigAL again, and it feels good. But man
have I been lazy....I recently signed up to volunteer for
Ingalls Hospital, and I now take voice lessons...both of
these do not require me to leave the house often, however.
During the day, I just stay in and play Doom (thanks be to
Thom) and during the night, I MAY have people
over. It's quite seldom, though. Even now I find myself
fantisizing over sleep, while sleep is indeed the ideal
place for fantisizing lol. It's an effect of laziness, I
tell you. The very concept is paradoxical, and if I sit
here and think about it too long, my fantasy might become a
reality, and my keyboard will become ridden with drool.