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2004-06-22 15:54:12 (UTC)

lock down

well i just got grounded yesterday cuz nicoles dad is being
a dick and decided to tell my parents bout how we got drunk
at her house like 3 weeks ago he knows he cant hurt nicole
himself so he does it through me which is bullshit. i dont
know shit is so fucked up i was yelling with my parents
yesterday and my dad started telling my how worthless i am
and i told him god if i am that shitty of a person whats
the point of me actually living i was like if it would make
your life any better then i will just go and kill my self
he was like yea well go ahead. it just shows how muchi am
wanted in my house i would have to but i still have nicole
in my life. she is the only good thing that has happen in
my life. things with daniel are fucked up i think he is
cheating on me he sent me a text message here i will put it
in here "we need to talk about something that might get
you upset its about that party i went to i dont want it to
get you mad and try to kill me or anyone i did " that makes
me sad cuz i dont know what he is talking bout and if he
did cheat on me i am breaking up with him cuz he told me
over and over again that he would never cheat ob me he
didnt believe in it so if he did cheat on me he is just a
normal pig headed selfish dick of a guy. yea i was thinking
about chad and stuff but i never went thorugh with it and
if he did it cuz he knew... i dont even know i guess i cant
really say till i talk to him about it i just really need
to talk to nicole right now and its like she disappeared
off the face of the earth where are you!?!?!

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