Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
2004-06-22 13:49:00 (UTC)

tuesdays over

yet another tesday has passed god thank you for another
eventless day apart from everything that happened i have to
still be up at like 6 to do breaky that sux i am lookin
forward to another apprentice so that i can have abreak
from all this

at lest tomorrow looks relativly quiet i get to have a
slack night at work maybe and hopefully a early night touch

anyways days been long and i have many thoughts running
thru my head first one is simple

I don't know whats pissing me off more work or a work mate
simply put whitey is giving me the irrates oh well to bad
its a case of i think i am gettin a bit older and wiser and
that i don't see alcohol as my main sorce of inspiration in
this world anymore. i now have ideas about everything my
cookin is becoming a nightmare i am having all these ideas
on new culinary delights that i can create my newest is my
orange fig date and banana puddings that i did for the food
and wine group the othe night people are coming in and
asking about them which suprises me i am not a great chef
yet i am just a good one learning all i can about my trade
and i am willing to put in 110% to get where i want to be
and at the moment i am just tryin to get overseas to do
what i love and to be able to open new branches on this
tree of life hate this metaphorical stuff makes me sound
almost smart

oh well sleep i need and thats what i will get i think

drug none today i am on a break
music i am thinks mellow and placid like my mood something
like john lennons imagine oldy but a goldy

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