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2004-06-22 07:20:40 (UTC)


I just figured today I'd write in here. I had a really big
brainwave (thus the title) but I ended up goofing it up in
trying to explain it in words. The only thing that matters
is that IIII at least understand it. ANYWAY

I'm leaving in a week and a day and I am totally psyched.
Where you ask? (for those of you who don't know) I'm
headin to Quebec to work for the summer. I'm gonna be
working with kids (which seems to be the only downside of
the whole matter) and making me some pretty decent money.
Not only that, but I'm gonna have some fun weekends. They
have alot of stuff planned for us today and I'm just
sooooooooooooooo excited. I can't stop thinking about
it :) Oh but don't you worry, if I have the internet there
(I think I do) then I'll be e-mailing most of you or at
least be writing in here though no one really reads this

What's new you ask? Oh nothing much. Just been chilaxin
and enjoying my sweet summer. I went to the doctor today,
it was quite an adventure (well not really actually, I
just like to think so). He gave me a yucky prescription
and I hafta go back there the day before I leave for
Quebec, which I find odd considering I don't know what he
can do for me in the course of one day but whatever. Maybe
I'll hafta go through some massive surgery and have to
recover within a day.... wow. Okay, I'm just stupid today.
I can't help it, I'm on yucky prescription (4 times a day,
can you believe this craziness!) and I can't eat two hours
after I take it or two hours before I take it cuz it works
better on an empty stomach or some crap like that. I just
took one like an hour ago and I am SOOOOOOOOOO hungry
right now. I suppose this is a good thing though because
you're not supposed to eat before you go to bed anyway and
it's like 1:20 a.m. so I figure I should be going to bed

K, whatever. I'm gonna go now cuz seriously, this isn't
even me talking it's the crazy drugs. Truly this entry had
no point whatsoever! BYE ALL!

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