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2004-06-22 04:45:12 (UTC)


wow school is out (besides for exams...) but still very
exciteing. u wanna know what really sucks? having to exams
on one day. i have english tommorrow and i have math and
social on wednesday does that not suck but thats about they
are my 2 better subjects i suck ass at english!! FRIDAY was
rudys birthday party. it was fun. spent most of the time
playing basketball,volleyball, or some form of soccer. i
went home at about 11:15 so it wasent to bad but i had to
be hom by 11:30 and had to drop anjela off. so i guess
nothing is going on at tashas house since it 10:45 and i
havent heard anything. had anyone ever played need for
speed underground? it is the best game!! its so much fun.
but anyways we got soccer tomorrow YA BLITZ!! againest the
dreaded camrose trust me if u ever played that team u would
hate them to there so pushy then get mad at us when we push
back it is sooooo dumb it make me angry!!so hailey o'riely
i think thats houw u spell it is moving just down the
street from me which is really weird but whatever i guess.
shes not gonna like that if she reads it. i am honestly
still surprised people read these things its crazy anyways
so much typeing doesnt give me time to eat me sandwhich so
ill write later i guess no promises though!! that means nik
and kayla cause thoses 2 are the only ones that i know who
read this......CYA!!