2004-06-22 03:30:29 (UTC)

A Little Cooler

I'm really having trouble aclimating to this warmer summer
weather. It was a bit cooler today, only in the upper 80's,
which is good but it's supposed to be in lower 80's tomorrow
which is much more comfortable.

I spent the morning grocery shopping, followed by a trip to
Gindhardt's to buy more flowers. As he loaded my trays of
flowers into the back of the van, Bob said as he always does,
"See you next week!" Well, he may be right. I might very
well be back again!

I saw Lucille and Ken working in their yard on Peoria Road
and honked and waved as I drove by. Even if they didn't see
me I know they recognized my vehicle and they smiled and
waved back.

I planted more flowers, ordered some quilt patterns (I know;
like I need more!), quilted a bit, did laundry and the
dishes, swept the kitchen and made the bed, watered the
garden, took a little nap, went to the church
to say the rosary and by then it was time to start dinner.